Các thuật ngữ viết tắt

Các từ viết tắt hay dùng trong hệ thống báo cháy, chữa cháy:
  • LPC: Loss prevention Council of UK
  • UL: Underwriter's Laboratory (USA)
  • FM: Factory Mutual (USA)
  • FSB: Fire Safety Board.
  • Wet Chemical Panel: is a gas suppression panel which is using wet chemical. it can be FM 200, CO2, Inergent  (INERGEN® is a mixture of 52% Nitrogen, 40% Argon and 8% CO2), argonite.
- Wet Chemical panel is target at restaurants. Commercial or institutions hoods.
- Inergent is more expensive and target for data centre, electricity, electronic protection.
Refer to NFPA-2001.
  • Fire Extinguisher Panels
A Fire Extinguishing Control Panel is designated for fire protection, monitoring and control of systems for active extinguishing – gas, powder, aerosol, water, etc. After processing the signals from the automatic fire detectors and/or manual call points the Control Panel makes commands to the executive devices for extinguishing, sound-light signalers, air conditioning and ventilation devices, etc.

Tham khảo một số nhà sản xuất thiết bị chữa cháy:
- http://www.airfire.eu/